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Bespoke and purpose-driven web development offers companies the ability to provide flexible, adaptive and responsive experiences to customers across different platforms. HARE.digital’s, experienced web developers create applications that leverage innovative progressive technologies and design languages to provide your customers with an engaging and user-friendly product.

Our Developers are proficient in; Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Net, PHP, Python, MYSQL, SQL, Java and Javascript languages and through a thorough consultation process will know which to deploy to best achieve your desired result.

At Hare.digital our web developers utilise an agile, modular development methodology, which enables our web applications to scale up as required, allowing for the seamless evolution of the project whilst removing the need for future redevelopment and the loss of quality.

Perfection isn’t skin deep

As well as creating a beautifully designed website we go under the surface to creating robust code which acts to improve add user-experience and improve functionality. We develop bespoke code that takes your project to the next level.

  • Communication is key

    Nobody knows what you want more than you do, at Hare.digital we work with you to get a thorough understanding of your project. During this consultancy phase we establish what your ambitions are, and then work to pinpoint exactly what functionality you require.

  • Gameplan

    Before we begin creating a roadmap we create visual prototypes, mockups and demos of your software, this allows us to ensure that we stay on track, and since Harehub is fully interactive, we invite you to be a part of this process. Follow along and provide feedback in real time.

  • Creating your vision

    This is what we do best, keeping your consultation in mind, our developers begin working on your project. Using an Agile methodology we work through your interactive roadmap to bring your idea to life.

  • Post-development perfection

    After we have rigorously quality tested your software and sought your approval, we push it live. You maintain access to Harehub, this means you can request improvements, revisions and alterations straight from your account.

Full Stack Development

At Hare.digital we take a holistic approach to web development, elegantly coordinating both front-end and back-end frameworks to ensure the optimum coalescence of programming languages that results in the high-quality end result.

Optimised Programming Language

At Hare.digital we have experience with a wide variety of programming languages, such as HTML, CSS and Javascript, PHP, Python and SQL, as a result of this we are able to perfectly coordinate development to best achieve your desired functionality.

Website Support & Maintenance +

We work with you to ensure a high level of experience for your customers. Our Harehub platform allows you to raise tickets and request support in real-time.

API Development +

Our experienced app developers are able to integrate 3-party applications through a purpose-built API. We are able to create API solutions whatever your requirements. Our comprehensive discovery and planning processes ensure that everything we develop for you will be compatible with and capable of future expansion and integration.

E-commerce +

At Hare.digital we have developed a suite of E-commerce software that is able to provide your website with E-commerce functionality through our Checkpoint.digital platform. This software is designed to make running an online business as easy as possible.

Bespoke Functionality

We are able to create unique & bespoke software for your website which allows you to add functionality to your website and achieve your aims, irrespective of your requirements.

Whatever project you have in mind at Hare.digital we can provide industry-leading web development

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