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Your website is your online business card. How your website looks dramatically changes how your business is perceived. That’s why at HARE.digital we believe your website should be the focus of your marketing campaigns.

We understand how industrial companies work and therefore we can portray you in the best light to your target audience. But because we are a technology company we also know how to code. Therefore working with our creative partners you’ll receive a high quality website that allows you to grow and adapt over time.

The web design process is methodical and split into stages to ensure you receive the product you envisioned.

Firstly we enter the design stage where our partner designers discuss with us the message you want to portray. These designs then turn into a real life website during the develop phase. For the pre-launch phase the site is optimised and adjusted which is then overhauled for SEO and a migration plan is put in place for launch. For the launch phase the day is here where you get to show off your new shiny site, throughout this us and our partners stay on high alert monitoring the site, fixing any problems immediately. Once everything has gone over smoothly, our partners go into maintenance phase where they keep an eye on your site. Our monitoring suite of tools tells us the health of your site and they know if there’s a problem before you do.

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