We can help you Go Paperless

Offices that migrate to paperless solutions are lowering their operational costs and saving time.

  • Save Time

    As your business grows so does the amount of data you handle on a daily basis. Finding the relevant record or file can be time consuming, irritating or even impossible. Going paperless means you are able to access any document you need in seconds.

  • Scale

    Every business owner ultimately wants to see their business grow and expand. This expansion can be hamstrung by the need to process and file an increasing amount of paper records.

  • Access

    When used in conjunction with the Cloud the adoption of a paperless office becomes particularly powerful. Storing your Data on the Cloud means it can be accessed by you or your employees regardless of their location.

  • Save Money

    The cost of paper has been rising steadily over the last decade and is expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This unnecessary expenditure is a burden on SME’s who are seeing their costs go up as their business grows.

  • GDPR

    Under GDPR, businesses are required to present customers with information about the data collected about them on request. This process will prove resource intensive for companies that are still operating primarily using paper. Going paperless lets you instantaneously find all the records associated with an individual with a simple search.

  • Environmental

    By law businesses are required to take reasonable steps to reduce their non-essential waste, as well as this, consumers are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. The adoption of a good environmental policy can strengthen your brands trust and authority.

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