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Want to use technology to the fullest, but felt like you didn’t know all the technical jargon and the best route to take?

Hare Digital enables your company to succeed with our Tech Translator service (Virtual CTO). We are able to take away the complexity and anxiety associated with digital technologies and translate your vision into code. 

We do this in a number of ways:

We act as your point of contact for all your technical questions to give you impartial advice on demand. With our years of experience in the industry, we’ve helped customers with many requests. No question is too big or small.

We create a digital strategy that matches your long term goals, then ensure this is actioned as a Chief Technology Officer would.

We provide transparency of what to do through project management software, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

We can work with you on site to ensure your team is part of the process garnering their feedback and building trust.

We will source trusted professionals from our network of pre-vetted developers and IT professionals.

We can support you to build your own team either via contractors or permanent team members.

Because our relationship with our customers and our developers are important to us, we continue to stay in touch and support in many ways.

We provide emergency support, if you need help quickly we are able to source the right people from our trusted network.

We act as a source of innovation, with our experience of emerging technologies such as Ai, Big Data and IoT we can inform you how you can incorporate this into a competitive advantage.

Hire incredible developers when you need them

Stop wasting time sorting through CV’s trying to find the best candidate

Be confident that your developer is capable of delivering your project

Start work sooner, innovate faster and grow your business effectively

Whatever your project we can help

Hire from our network of certified developers

Award winning

Perfectly matched to your specific requirements

Start projects without delay


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  • Free by nature

    There is no cost to businesses looking to hire one of our developers, what the freelancer quotes is what you pay - It’s that simple.

  • We do not compromise

    Every developer in our network is HARE certified and has passed our rigorous vetting process. At HARE.digital our mantra is quality, not quantity.

Discuss your project requirements

Create your perfect developer profile

We select the perfect developer for you

Discuss your project expectations

If you or a client are looking to innovate in the digital space, then you need developers you can trust. The HARE Developer Initiative enables you to rest easy in the knowledge that our freelancers have been stringently vetted and code tested.

HARE.digital Technical Assistance

We only succeed when your project is delivered perfectly and perfect delivery is something that we’ve become experts at. We are a software development company, meaning that, through our Harehub platform, we support our Developers with technical assistance in real-time. Click below and tell us about your project.

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