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At we provide strategic consultancy, bespoke software development, deployment and delivery for companies looking utilise digital technologies to innovate their customer experience. Through our breadth of experience, we can create user-friendly and intuitive software adding a level of complex functionality to your project. In order to best accomplish this, our web developers work with many programming languages such as; PHP, JavaScript, Java, GoLang, and Python to best deliver required functionality from your Software.

We have worked with some of the country's leading businesses to provide them with high-quality bespoke software. We have a comprehensive understanding of cutting-edge technologies that have allowed an explosion in software complexity over recent years. Our ability to appropriately integrate technology such as AI, IOT (Including GPS Telematics) into your existing software and also Cloud Migration to Big Data using Google's own Big Query PaaS means we can provide software solutions for multi-national enterprise level clientele.

Unlike many software companies, we have worked tirelessly to create a development workflow that allows us to allocate time to understand the aims and ambitions of our client. We work collaboratively to outline the requirements as well as the underlying philosophy or inspiration behind the software. This allows us to capture the essence of the business, allowing us to develop software that is a true extension of your brand.


We work with the relevant decision-makers to create a detailed roadmap

  • During this process, we outline which technologies should be deployed to best achieve your desired result and discuss the potential limitations of those technologies.
  • We analyse competitors with a similar product/objective and get an understanding of their product's reception to ensure that we are able to produce a higher-quality more functional product.
  • We look to identify your vision for the lifetime of the product, including potential expansion or further integration with other systems. This way we can keep this in mind during the development of the software.

UX Design & UI Design

Our UX & UI developers work with you to understand how you envisage your software will look and function

  • Rigorous journey mapping ensures a clean user-experience
  • UX study your brand and current systems to ensure your software visually complements your brand
  • Constant updates through our Harehub platform ensure that you are able to keep track of development

Development, Deployment and Support

Our developers can work beyond the point of deployment to ensure that your software continues to evolve as you require new functionality

  • Automated testing frameworks for web, mobile, and API testing to ensure you receive a bug free product consistently
  • This includes 360* rigorous full system hand-testing, function, integration and UI tests.

Our Development Mentality

We understand that companies expect projects to be delivered in an efficient and punctual manner. As such, we develop our software using the best-practice development methodology ‘Scrum’. This iterative method ensures the constant progression of project milestones in a time-effective yet quality-focused way. Scrum encourages the piece-meal deployment of shippable functionality as it is completed. We orchestrate the development project through our proprietary Project Management Platform, Harehub. This is a fully visible and interactive platform through which you are able to engage with the creation process, query any decisions and request updates.  

Software Development Company Brighton

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