We Provide PHP Development

At HARE.digital, we have many years of experience in PHP Development, providing high-performance and optimised web-development for SME and Enterprise businesses.

PHP is a widely used open-source platform that has quickly become a preferred language for bespoke web-development. The primary advantage of using PHP as opposed to alternative programming languages is that it provides significant cost and time savings whilst not compromising on functionality or usability. If you want to expand, evolve or grow your businesses then our PHP Developers have the skills necessary to bring your project into reality.

Why PHP?

What does Facebook, Flickr, Wikipedia and Reddit all have in common? They’re all built with PHP.

  • Versatile

    PHP is compatible with all internet browsers. Not suprising when it runs 80% of the worlds websites.

  • Open Source

    PHP is an open-source programming language, this allows us to take advantage of the development community and utilise existing documentation, scripts and coding guidelines.

  • Upgradable

    Part of the reason that PHP has become a ubiquitous part of the modern-internet is because it is easily modified and upgraded. This allows your website to evolve as you do.

What We Develop

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • 3rd Party Integrations
  • CRM systems
  • Payment Integration
  • Intelligent Search
  • Web Applications
  • Web Portal Solutions

PHP Solutions

Our developers have a comprehensive expertise in a variety of PHP frameworks and databases. We specialise in: PHP7, Laravel, Lumen, Symfony, Silex, MySQL, Wordpress and Magento.

Why work with HARE.digital

If you have a PHP Project it can be tempting to hire a dedicated developer, this is a big investment for you and your business, in time, cost and risk. Finding a qualified developer that can reliably and consistently deliver results is difficult. With HARE.digital you can skip this process and feel assured that your project will be delivered as per your expectations.

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