Mobile App Development

At our mobile app developers are specialised in the development and maintenance of functional, innovative and inspiring mobile applications that capture your brand identity whilst bringing life to your ideas. Our custom mobile applications are built from the ground up with your objectives in mind, working collaboratively with you to best ascertain your specific needs and requirements, enabling us to deliver high-quality, purpose-ready applications efficiently and effectively.

At we have an extensive portfolio of experience in web-development, application development, and digital transformation. This allows us to take a holistic and iterative approach to Mobile Application Development, optimising our applications for seamless integration with third-party software, API's and back-end service providers.

The Mobile Application Development Process

At we have optimised our development workflow to allow us to balance efficiency and incredible functionality without compromise. What makes unique is our commitment to collaboration and transparency. We orchestrate the development of your application on our Project Management System. This fully interactive platform allows our clients to follow in real time our development progress.

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Some of our Case Studies

TrakKING Adventure – iOS & Android Apps

TrakKing Adventure - mobile Apps

Checkpoint Digital - Software Development

Checkpoint Digital - mobile app

App Development BMW Motorrad

mobile App Development BMW Motorrad


  • Discuss your requirements
  • Ensure a comprehensive understanding of your Brand
  • Prepare technical documents
  • Set-up your free HareHub account


  • Create an interactive live Roadmap on our Harehub platform
  • Schedule regular correspondence to ensure constant validation of progress
  • Comprehensive User Acceptance Testing
  • Deploy Application


  • The HareHub Platform acts as a real-time support & ticketing service for continued maintenance.
  • Further development/updates can be coordinated through Harehub.
  • We can provide further integration with existing software and services.

What makes Mobile?

  • Connectivity custom mobile applications are designed with integration in mind, we have extensive experience in the development of modular software applications and ensure that your Mobile Application is compatible with existing software and services.

  • Cross-Platform Functionality

    Responsiveness, security and aesthetics are an integral part of Mobile development. At HARE we ensure a consistent level of functionality irrespective of Platform. Compatible with iOS and Android as standard, we are experienced and proficient at developing cross-platform native mobile applications.

  • Usability

    We build your application from the ground up with your customer in mind, our customer-centric mentality means our applications are intuitive and user-friendly. We utilise comprehensive journey maps and rigorous bug testing to ensure the highest level of customer experience.

  • Optimisation

    Our applications are designed explicitly for Mobile, which means they are perfectly optimised for daily use. Our UX developers ensure that your application is both engaging and responsive.

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