Keep It Simple Stupid

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Keep It Simple Stupid!

So you want to introduce new IT software that you think everyone should use but no-one in the company shares the same enthusiasm. The reason is people don’t like change, it's mentally taxing it’s time-consuming. They’re busy, and they feel overwhelmed with all the work they have. The last thing they want to do is learn something new. So what do you do?

KISS, Kiss. stands for 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. It was a design concept developed by Lockheed Martin where simplicity was the key goal in engineering design. Now When you apply that to building something, it can do something extraordinary. It reminds you to focus on the key problems and try to solve them in as simple a way as possible.

The thing is when you want to bring in a new system and you look at all the new features and functionality that it must have, trying to meet all of these requirements just isn’t possible unless its an incredibly complicated system. The more features the system has, the more the user has to learn and you’ll see an exponential curve of complexity and a reduction of company adoption. Especially if the team has to adopt a new business process simultaneously.

So don’t make such a drastic change. Pick the biggest problems you want to solve and find a system that solves these key problems in a user-friendly way. Once the team is happy and you’ve outgrown that system only then should you introduce a new feature-rich system. Bring the team along with you on the journey. Don’t throw them in the deep end.

So my quick win is when making tech decisions keep it simple, you’ll see far higher adoption and more productivity.

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