Did you just say build an app without code…?

Did you just say build an app without code
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Did you just say build an app without code?

I use to think no code platforms were rubbish but then I tried bubble.

You’ll be able to build an app with these new up and coming no code platforms. A colleague of mine even built and sold his own no code startup during lockdown.

The best known one out there is bubble.

With drag and drop design you can build a login system, payment system or connect to API’s, it has built in hosting and over 43,000 plugins, it’s perfect to get an MVP up and running to validate your business idea or just to solve a problem that’s beyond excel’s capabilities. Just check out some of their case studies.

But even no code platforms use software engineering principles and its still a new skill which will require you to have patience learning. If you find Wix a pain, then bubble is definitely a step up. The browser builder is also pretty slow adding another layer of frustration. You also don’t have complete control over how your app behaves or looks but it’s a great first step.

Personally I think it’s awesome and I’ve started recommending bubble and even building it for clients when all they need is an MVP.

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