Build from scratch? Hell no!

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Build from scratch? Hell no!

I’m going to tell you what what developers don’t want you to know.

A lot of time is spent on building the same thing over and over again and it can be time consuming just to even think about how you’re going to do it.

Of course, building something from scratch means you can control all the outcomes and design it exactly how you want, but businesses can’t always wait and it’s as wasteful as it sounds.

So what’s the Answer? Templates

Templates take a lot of the headache away, they enable you to get something off the ground in a short amount of time.

The thing is us developers use templates all the time, they’re called frameworks. Which in its simplest term are a collection of useful bits of code that we don’t have to write. Trust me it saves a ton of time.

There are also different levels of templates.

From a skeleton template which gives you the foundations of an app which in turn gives you the creative freedom to build the app however you see fit.

Then you can get frontend design templates, which gives you a whole design out of the box.

Or you can go all the way to a fully designed functioning app with all the features you could need for your business idea using just a template. Don’t believe me, check out codecanyon you’d be amazed at what you can get for next to no money.

Even my favourite no code platform, Bubble has templates.

To be honest there’s a template for everything. Flyers, presentations, business documents, wordpress you name it there will be something that gets your 90% of the way there.

So next time you need to create something, my quick win is check out a template first it may just save you a whole load of energy.

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