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Free Digital Transformation Strategy

As part of our Inner Rebel Campaign we are able to provide you a 1 Day Audit and Digital Transformation Strategy funded by the local funding bodies in the south east. There are a number of them, so let us know your area and we can advise further.1 Day Funded Audit & Digital Transformation Strategy - FREE

We will visit your office and look at three areas of your business:  

  • Your Digital Presence
  •   Your Digital Office
  •  Your Digital Premises

We observe, ask questions and provide surveys to your varying team members and departments. Once this has been collated we analyse the information and summarise it in a brief report of findings.

From this insight, we present you with tailored recommendations broken down into various stages for further discussion with senior decision makers. This will include technological solutions for observed inefficiencies for you to implement.

These recommendations are also added to our Project Management software, so you can start to work on this straight away by collaborating with other members of your team. You can also involve us in those discussions directly on the PM software where we can provide some guidance and confidence around your plans.

We remain impartial throughout and will work with various partners, suppliers and stakeholders to ensure your vision is delivered.

If you're interested and would like to talk to one of our team, please fill in the form details below.

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