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In association with the University of Sussex, we have created accompanying cheatsheets to help you make an app.

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Learn how to make an app in 6 weeks

How to make a mobile app - Rapid 6 week programme

This programme will give you the fundamental knowledge needed to conceptualise your idea, prove it's a money maker, commission a developer or agency to build your mobile app before launching it to the world on the app store. 

Award winner, Chris O’Hare, CEO of technology consultancy HARE.digital will provide an overview of the fundamental knowledge needed for your app journey and give you the insider tricks to save you time and money.

In Week 1 you will learn:
  • What is an app and the difference between a mobile app and web app. 
  • How subscriptions are the future of business. 
  • How to get your idea on paper and describe your ideal customer
In Week 2 you will learn:
  • How to validate your idea with your customers, company and against your competitors
  • How to create prototypes of your product using drawings, landing pages and even powerpoint.
In Week 3 you will learn:
  • What is a minimum viable product and how to create one.
  • What is a UX/UI Designer and how to hire one.
  • How to create your own App design specification ready to give to an agency or developer.
In Week 4 you will learn:
  • How to create a pitch deck that wins investment.
  • Should you get a technical co-founder.
  • Where can you get funding including Commercial sponsorship, Investors and Government grants.
In Week 5 you will learn:
  • What’s better, an agency, freelancer or employee.
  • How does an app work.
  • What technology should you build your app with.
In Week 6 you will learn:
  • How to add your App to the app stores
  • How to do App Store Optimization
  • How to tell the world about your app
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How to make an app - 6 Week Programme

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