Digital Audit

Digital Audit & Transformation Strategy

We understand that beginning your Digital Transformation can be overwhelming, there is so much technology available to businesses today that often it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why at we are offering businesses a Digital Audit where we can visit your business and assess your current systems and processes. We also working in association with local funding bodies to fund our work.

We look both quantitatively and qualitatively at 3 fundamental aspects of your business.

Your Digital Presence

  • Your Website
  • User-Experience
  • Purchasing Journey
  • Performance
  • SEO
  • Visibility
  • Analysis of Competition
  • Marketing Strategies

Your Digital Office

  • Cloud Storage Systems
  • Order Management Systems
  • Purchase Handling
  • Customer Service/Ticketing Process
  • Internal Communications
  • GDPR Policies
  • CRM Systems

Your Digital Premises

  • ERP System
  • MRP System
  • Product Registration
  • Returns Handling
  • Delivery Management

faster time-to-market


increase efficiency


reduce costs

Throughout this process we discuss with you what issues you are currently facing as well as ambitions you have for your business. With these objectives in mind, we create a Digital Strategy. This strategy includes recommendation broken down into the aforementioned categories and technological advice on the best method of implementation given your specific circumstances.

After completing this Audit you are given access to your report on Harehub, our proprietary Project Management Platform. Harehub, allows us to create an interactive report, from which you are able to orchestrate your transformation projects and better coordinate efforts between IT Managers, Decision Makers and Employees.

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