Digital Transformation Brighton

Digital Transformation Brighton

Digital Transformation


Digital transformation closes the gap between what digital customers already expect and what analogue businesses actually deliver


Digital Transformation is about changing the way businesses are able to interact with their key demographics, and with industry leaders like Amazon providing an evermore optimised and increasingly intelligent experience for their customers, it is important now, more than ever that businesses begin to adopt the change.

At we work with companies to enable them to evolve their business systems, allowing them to take advantage of new software and technologies to evolve their customer experience and ultimately get ahead of their competition. We understand that the term ‘Digital Transformation’ is as ambiguous as it is essential. That’s why we have adopted a consultative working methodology, meaning we can guide through the transformation from start to finish.

Internal Communications

We can set up a variety of internal messaging systems which enables your staff to collaborate seamlessly on projects  more >>>

ERP/MRP Integration

We can set up a variety of internal messaging systems which enables your staff to collaborate seamlessly on projects  more >>>

CRM Integration

CRM systems allows you to manage communication with customers from a centralised platform  more >>>

Digital Audit

We visit your and assess 3 key areas of your business, Digital Presence, Digital Office, Digital Factory  more >>>


E-Commerce platforms enable you to expand your audience and increase your sales by taking advantage of the growing digital market  more >>>

Cloud Migration

Moving your processes over to a cloud based platform and increase your security, stability and scalability  more >>>

Paperless Migration

Modern offices are moving away from paper, saving time, cutting cost and massively increasing the traceability of Data  more >>>

Cloud Email

Using a Cloud Email platform enables you store information, documents and data in a shared cloud drive.  more >>>

Single Source of Truth (SSOT)

SSOT is the term used to describe a Data infrastructure that is designed in such a way that information is only stored once, as opposed to being duplicated across multiple systems..  more >>>

Customer Support Integration

A powerful customer-service platform enables you to provide real-time support and prospect outreach. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce return rates. more >>>

Website Design

And last but not least we design and develop quality future focused websites. Web design that is mobile friendly and SEO optimised.  more >>>

Some of our Case Studies

Rapid Prototyping for Subaru

Rapid Prototyping for Subaru

ScorpionTrack Connect

driver identification - scorpiontrack connect

Rapid Prototyping for Land Rover

Rapid Prototyping for Land Rover

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