Design & Branding

Create a lasting impression on your customers

At HARE we’ll help you to build a strong and reliable brand. Our designers and marketers work closely together to ensure you’re able to fully demonstrate the promise and mission of your brand, as well as your products and services.

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First impressions are 94% design-related

Studies have found that visual appeal has a huge influence on people’s first impressions of a brand. If you want people to read your content, and actively visit your webpage, then we can help by presenting your content in an interactive and visually appealing way.

Positive first impressions lead to higher customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is key when developing your brand. You want your clients to fall in love with you and the product you’re proud of. We’ll help you along the way to ensure that your brand is polished, refined and well presented.

Branding promotes recognition

People prefer working with organisations they feel close to. Your brand should communicate that you are a trustworth and reliable service provider. Alongside this, it’s important to be welcoming and receptive to new customers, which is where HARE can help.

A strong brand generates new clients

A brand is a promise. We’ll help you to meet the highest quality standards possible. HARE will teach you to adhere to your brand which will solidify your reputation amongst both current and potential future customers. This will see you as a trusted name in your field.

At HARE we offer branding and re-branding solutions to elevate your company’s reputation

Design & Branding
We offer different services to help your company succeed and reach its full potential.


  • Logo
  • Graphics


  • Business cards
  • Letterheaded paper
  • Presentation folder
  • Double sided leaflet, (A5 or DL)
  • A1, A2, A4 poster
  • Rollup banner


Have an event coming up or need a new design fast?
We will:
  • Cover all design and branding requirements quickly and efficiently
  • Immediate response to changes

  • Delivery of printed material if needed

we also offer: