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CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management systems allow businesses to coordinate Marketing, Sales, Suppliers, Partners and Prospects through a single platform. As well as this a CRM forms the data bridge between different software systems in your business. We can integrate your CRM with existing ERP/MRP, Cloud E-Mail Providers, E-Commerce Platforms, Cloud Accountancy and Websites.

  • Sales

    Ultimately, CRM’s are a tool that enables sales teams to access real-time information about their customers from a single platform. Rather than having to individually pull information about; Previous orders, Account notes, Contact history, Credit limits, Decision Makers and Company details, from a variety of sources, sales reps can instantly see the data they need in a few clicks.

  • Marketing

    Marketing teams can see a top-down profile of their customer base as a whole, from this they are about to gain insights about the purchasing behaviour of different customer types. This insight enables marketing teams to better optimise their marketing efforts to maximise conversion.

  • Customer Support

    Customer support teams can see previous account history from a CRM, enabling them to better diagnose and resolve customer issues. They are also able to collate correspondence from a variety of different platforms.

  • Production

    Production and assembly teams can coordinate their communication with suppliers and partners, ensuring that they are able to efficiently organise next steps.

  • Accounting

    Accounting teams are able to associate with invoices and follow up customers for outstanding payments They are also able to assign credit limits based on previous purchasing history.

Content management

Cross-department coordination

Optimise sales efforts

Targeted marketing


Superior customer service

Performance-based KPI’s

Order management

At we work with some of the UK’s biggest CRM providers, enabling us to make sure that we integrate the platform that meets your businesses requirements. We believe that your CRM needs to be able to grow as you do and as such we have specifically selected providers that have comprehensive integration functionality.

  • Hubspot


    Hubspot is one of the most popular CRM tools in the UK and winner of the Expert’s Choice Award for 2018. Hubspot also has a free version of their CRM which is just as powerful as much of its competition.

    What makes Hubspot Unique

    • Feature rich free version
    • Hubspot Academy
    • Built-in customer support tools

  • Copper


    A Cloud-based CRM system then enables businesses to get a holistic view of their customers. Designed for use in a variety of industries, it is appropriate for businesses of all sizes.

    What makes Copper Unique

    • Gmail Integration
    • Opportunity Management
    • Lead Tracking

  • Salesforce


    Salesforce is one of the best known CRM platforms on the market.

    What makes Salesforce Unique?

    • 24/7 Business Support
    • Automated Email Marketing
    • Document Generator

  • ZOHO


    The Zoho CRM forms part of the Zoho sales suite and as such it is equipped with a variety of tools.

    What makes Zoho unique?

    • Lead Management
    • Social Media Manager
    • Document Storage

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