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Google, AWS and Microsoft Cloud Migration

At we work with enterprise and small businesses to help them migrate their legacy servers to the cloud. Working with the leading Cloud Platforms, we are able to provide businesses with improved security, greater data insight and scalability.

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We work with you to create a migration plan that works for you

We’ve been working with cloud technology since its inception

Realtime support of your systems available for peace of mind

Centralised Data


Security with Google Cloud


How Cloud Services can benefit your business

  • Built to Scale

    Cloud-based computing is responsive, dynamic, cost effective and able to scale to demand. Cloud technology is able to scale in real-time to your usage, meaning you only ever pay for what you use. This can equate to substantial cost savings.

  • Remote Office

    Adopting a cloud-based infrastructure enables your staff to make the world their office space. Whether they’re on the road or at home, your employees will be able to access documents, amend files and continue their work.

  • Disaster Recovery

    On-premise is vulnerable by virtue of its reliance on hardware systems. Fires happen, Mistakes happen and Computers crash. Cloud computers gives your business peace of mind as whatever happens your data is safe.

  • GDPR

    The General Data Protection Regulation introduced a plethora of new obligations on businesses and demanded a shift in the way that businesses handle and interpret data. Customers now have the right to request information about the data held on them, to ask that their data is removed and request that it be amended, across all platforms. Businesses not utilising cloud computing will have to dedicate a massive amount of time and resources to ensure that they are compliant.

  • Data Insights

    Collating relevant insights from large data sets has long been relegated to multinational businesses with access to enormous computing power, harnessing the scalability of Cloud computing brings that power to SME's.

Find out how cloud computing could help your business today

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