Why Mobile Specific Content?

Why Mobile Specific Content?

Allocate Time to Create Content Specifically Designed for Mobile UsersOnce you have created your perfect marketing campaign, decided on your brand identity and settled on the direction you want to go in, it is now time to think about optimising … Read More

The Problem with Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Never before have we encountered a phrase which described something so undeniably apparent, yet is so notoriously hard to explain. The term, ‘Digital Transformation’ has become somewhat of a buzzword over recent years, it’s often thrown around in a sentence … Read More

Stuck in the 1980’s – A Manufacturers Tale

Stuck in the 1980’s – A Manufacturers Tale

Stuck in the 1980’s – Why have manufacturers been slow to evolve? The success of businesses in 2019 lives and dies with taking advantage of the competitive edge gained by fully incorporating digital technologies. Yet we are seeing more resistance … Read More

What’s the difference between Web Design & Web Development?

What's the difference between Web Design Web Development

In a world where literally everything is online one would assume that the difference between Web-design and Web development would be common knowledge. However, it seems that as more and more people are searching for these services, confusion has only … Read More

Industry 4.0 – How to awaken your Inner Rebel

Industry 4.0 how to awaken your inner rebel

Revolution… What comes to mind? Rebels with flags in the centre of a cosmopolitan city fighting their dictatorial leadership? But the undercurrent of the manufacturing industry is going through a relatively quiet revolution in comparison. Say Industry 4.0 to most … Read More

A Look Into The Companies Leading The Way In IoT Manufacturing (IoT)

iot manufacturing

A recent study, the Industrial Digitisation Report, found that there are already 6.4 billion data-communicating objects around the world and forecast that number to balloon to around to 20 billion by 2020, a 128% increase in just two years. Perhaps … Read More

The Importance of Data in our current Climate | Cambridge Analytica

cambridge analytica

In March 2018 Data Protection came under international scrutiny like never before. Cambridge Analytica, a firm which worked with Donald Trump’s election team as well as the successful Brexit team, was revealed by a whistle-blower to have harvested data of … Read More

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

INDUSTRY 4.0 What is INDUSTRY 4.0 ?It is already gripping the industrial world but do you know what it is and is your business ‘Ready for the Future’?IOT, BIG DATA, COMMUNICATIONANSWER – IT’S THE NEXT INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Due to the … Read More

Is the UK falling behind in terms of tech talent?

is the uk falling behind in the terms of tech talent

We are obsessed with talentAs a country we are undeniably obsessed with talent, and this manifests in our obsession with all things ‘celebrity’ but also in our career-driven focus, particularly in terms of tech talent. If you switch the television … Read More