Industry 4.0 – How to awaken your Inner Rebel

Industry 4.0 how to awaken your inner rebel

Revolution… What comes to mind? Rebels with flags in the centre of a cosmopolitan city fighting their dictatorial leadership? But the undercurrent of the manufacturing industry is going through a relatively quiet revolution in comparison. Say Industry 4.0 to most … Read More

Corporates see Artificial Intelligence as a Big Challenge

Corporates see Artificial Intelligence as a Big Challenge

The artificial intelligence movement. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand the past couple of years, all of the big technology companies are pushing Artificial Intelligence hard. Even the latest keynote from Apple used the Machine Learning buzzword countless … Read More

Is the UK falling behind in terms of tech talent?

is the uk falling behind in the terms of tech talent

As a country we are undeniably obsessed with talent, and this manifests in our obsession with all things ‘celebrity’ but also in our career-driven focus, particularly in terms of tech talent. If you switch the television on at primetime on … Read More