GDPR and your Business – Are you compliant?


With Brexit on the horizon, the jurisdiction of GDPR has been a point of confusion for many SME’s. Whilst generally speaking the remit of most EU Directives is limited to 28 (27) Member States, GDPR extends its territorial scope beyond … Read More

The Importance of Mobile Optimization

the importance of mobile optimization

In 2019 52.2% of all internet traffic and over 60% of all B2B purchases came from Mobile phones. Perhaps even more incredibly was the findings of a study conducted by Google’s Boston Consulting Group in which it estimated Mobile usage … Read More

Why Mobile Specific Content?

Why Mobile Specific Content?

Once you have created your perfect marketing campaign, decided on your brand identity and settled on the direction you want to go in, it is now time to think about optimising your content so it can reach a larger audience, … Read More

The Problem with Digital Transformation

digital transformation

Never before have we encountered a phrase which described something so undeniably apparent, yet is so notoriously hard to explain. The term, ‘Digital Transformation’ has become somewhat of a buzzword over recent years, it’s often thrown around in a sentence … Read More

Stuck in the 1980’s – A Manufacturers Tale

Stuck in the 1980’s – A Manufacturers Tale

Stuck in the 1980’s – Why have manufacturers been slow to evolve? The success of businesses in 2019 lives and dies with taking advantage of the competitive edge gained by fully incorporating digital technologies. Yet we are seeing more resistance … Read More

Industry 4.0 – How to awaken your Inner Rebel

Industry 4.0 how to awaken your inner rebel

Revolution… What comes to mind? Rebels with flags in the centre of a cosmopolitan city fighting their dictatorial leadership? But the undercurrent of the manufacturing industry is going through a relatively quiet revolution in comparison. Say Industry 4.0 to most … Read More

Corporates see Artificial Intelligence as a Big Challenge

Corporates see Artificial Intelligence as a Big Challenge

The artificial intelligence movement. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand the past couple of years, all of the big technology companies are pushing Artificial Intelligence hard. Even the latest keynote from Apple used the Machine Learning buzzword countless … Read More