Case Study

Rapid Prototyping for Land Rover & Hyundai

Rapid Prototyping for Land Rover

case study Rapid Prototyping for Land Rover hyundai
  • Problem:

    Scorpion Automotive approached us to create a branded 'connected car & home' tracking solution prototype for Land Rover. They wanted to be able to provide useful vehicle health live to customers via an app on mobile. We were asked to provide a similar prototype for Hyundai.

  • Our Solution:

    We provided a rapid working prototype within several weeks that demonstrated the future of the telematics platform and the future of the connected car industry as a whole along with future connected home integrations.

  • Technology:

    iOS, Swift, API, PHP, UX, Sketch

Below is a selection of features that were added to the app. Further functiontionality can be viewed on our other case studies.

Dashboard & Warning Lights

The user can access car control functions here:-

This shows any dashboard warning lights that can be transmitted via the OBD ie if there are warning lights to be shown, for example:- Alarm Set, Locked-Unlocked, Doors Open, Hazards Off, Wifi, Climate Control, Remote Seats, Engine - Fuel Level, Water Fluid Level Alert.

The user would get a notification if any warning lights did appear which will provide further information on the issue by navigating from this dashboard.

dashboard warning lights

Connected Home

You can connect your home to your car. If you have an account with any apps provided or indeed if you wished to add a third party app you will be instructed on how to do this by selecting and following the instructions. Once the accounts have been linked the information will be available on how to apply to a geofence that can in turn provide an alert.

The user is able to set or edit and name a Geo Fence and can see it set on the map. The user can increase or decrease the size of the geo fence by pinching the screen on the highlighted area. The user can select schedule when to receive the alerts for the geo fence and also the type of alert.

Connected Home

Map View with Indicators

On the app these are the same as on the website. Details of all its functions can be viewed in our other case studies showing such things as engine and ignition ON or OFF, speed, direction etc.

A vehicle details card will also show from the bottom of the screen:-
Clicking on the more button on the vehicle details screen, the user has a choice to: Get directions to vehicle - (this opens Google maps to provide directions), Ping Vehicle, Follow the Vehicle - (this allows the map to move along with the vehicle if it is moving). The last known vehicle location is also shown - it will show the road name, town /city, and post code.

map view with indicators


Users can view the journeys done by their vehicle. By default the calendar is visible but the user has the option to toggle the calendar view- this will be helpful when the user has many journeys on that day - by toggling the calendar off, the screen will fill with listed journeys for that period.
The vehicle will ping its location every x metre Distance and it’s at these points where the journey indicators appear. The user will be able to see the vehicle’s whether parked, its speed, direction, distance, overall journey time etc. Please see other case studies for more details.



Notifications section - These are dependant on how the user has set up alerts on their web dashboard, examples:
- Doors Open
- Alarm Not Set
- Washer Fluid Level Alert
-Geofences Entry/Exit Alerts
-Speed Alert
-Idle Alert
-Engine hour limit
-Battery Disconnected
-Vehicle Battery Low
-Movement without ignition
-Aux High - Aux Low
-Invalid / No Driver ID


Side Menu

The user can access the side menu using the burger icon in the top left of the navigation bar. To access their account information they can do so by clicking their name under the app logo. Here are some of the available sections to navigate to:
-Connect Car
-Home Connect
-SOS - opens screens with numbers to call in case of emergency.
-Log out

side menu

SOS Settings

Here the user can access a variety of settings. This includes updating their account details, along with Road side assistance numbers.

If users require road side assistance or Stolen Vehicle Tracking, by pressing the icon showing the location they can expand the menu, where the user can view vehicle details. When the user clicks the ‘more’ button they will be shown, SOS Details – i.e. access to roadside assistance numbers or Find local car dealership. These numbers can also be accessed by clicking on the SOS icon on the main menu.

sos settings

Rapid Prototyping for Hyundai

case study hyundai

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