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Google Cloud

Google Cloud Case Study

" With Google Cloud Hare Digital leverages Google innovations to help other businesses with their data problems. Most of our projects now use Google Cloud Platform. That helps bring talented developers on board, because Google is a known leader in AI and Big Data."

—Chris O'Hare, Founder and CEO, Hare Digital

Google Cloud

As a software agency we develop custom software systems for clients across a range of industries, specializing in digital transformation, IoT, AI, and big data. We can help your business move over to Google Cloud seamlessly and improve your customers online experience.

We helped ScorpionTrack overcome infrastructure issues and reduced costs by a reported 78 percent, thanks to our new autoscaling solution. "We were able to reach that level of savings by making the most of GCP." says Chris of Hare Digital.

See if Google Cloud Migration can help your business by reading Googles Case Study on Hare Digital's work for ScorpionTrack

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