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Big Data is becoming an integral part to growth strategies throughout different industries. Businesses are utilising insights garnered through the effective use of Big Data to discover useful insights about their business processes. At Hare.digital, we consider the application of Big Data within the scope of your project and work to integrate some of these innovative technologies into your business.

Businesses are storing, processing and extracting actionable value from data collected from throughout their business processes.

  • Text Analytics

    Businesses are able to utilise Big Data to collate information from written communications between customers. From these insights they can further use Ai - Artificial Intelligence to recognise patterns and trends.

  • Predictive Analytics

    This branch of analytics allows businesses to use predictive modelling to make incredibly accurate forecasts and projections.

  • Data Discovery

    This refers to extraction of relevant and actionable information from large multi-level data sets.


  • Advanced Analytics
  • Quality Assurances
  • Inventory Management


  • Customer Intelligence
  • Data Management Software
  • Visual Analytics


  • Security Intelligence
  • Contextual Analysis
  • Demographic Surveying
  • Sales Analytics

    Businesses that are collating customer information are able to gain useful insights and generate accurate sales projections. They are also able to spot trends in purchasing behaviour from which they can optimise their sales strategies.

  • Inventory Analysis

    Big Data is allowing Manufacturers to draw important insights into inventory and stock use, allowing them to order raw materials more efficiently.

  • Consumer Analysis

    Businesses are finding out important information about their customers behaviours and attitudes, analysing responses to ad campaigns allows them to increase ROI and lower their cost per click ratio.

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