App 100

The world is fast creating an app for everything but due to the high price tag some businesses cannot get access to this exploding industry. We at Hare Digital, are very excited to announce App100, a revolutionary way of approaching app development to provide small businesses the ability to make their very own mark on the app stores.

Why do you need an app?

42% of small businesses currently have a mobile app, and 30% of those plan to build one in the future.


The number 1 reason is push notifications

  • A non intrusive notification
  • Not controlled by social media algorithms
  • Notify them whenever you want
  • 30-45% open rate compared to 4.5% for emails
  • Leads to impulse purchases

Other reasons:

  • Always in your customer’s pocket
  • Easy access to your content
  • Creates habits in your customers
  • New revenue stream

Why App 100

  • Co-operative - Everything we build and buy for the apps will be available to all members at no extra cost beyond the initial purchase.
  • Transparency - See what components we can build into your app.
  • Speed - We will get faster at building new components as we go on.
  • Ecosystem - Create an ecosystem of software that’ll take the headache away.
  • Referral fee - Receive 1 free month (£250) for every person who signs up.
  • Limited to 100 Apps - Ensures we keep our quality high.


  • Passing on Savings - A lot of agencies reuse code, templates, components, libraries and software accounts but charge these to the customers.
  • Hybrid Approach - I’ve created a hybrid platform that takes the benefits of ‘templating’ and ‘traditional code’ and combines the two.
  • Re-use Components - Re-use of code and platforms, allows us to save time and maximise our efficiency.
  • Ecosystem - Create an ecosystem of software that’ll take the headache away.
  • No waste on sales - Monthly subscription allows us to save time on sales and not worry about our overheads.

What's Included?

  • Low Subscription Price
  • 1 app built within 2 weeks of full time development.
  • Free 1 hour labour every month (accrued for up to 6 months)
  • Free security and maintenance checks
  • Extra hours discounted by 130%

App 100 + Fast Track

Fast Track

  • Need your App sooner?

For your app we will:

  • Hand hold the entire process and go through your material for you
  • Provide a copywriter to segment and market your text
  • Provide a designer to ensure your design assets are perfect
  • Provide a developer to build the app


“Just in half of an hour, we received a lot of wonderful advice from Chris for our app, thanks HAREdigital.”

“Chris O'Hare is a productivity powerhouse. He turns problems into systems and solutions and transforms ideas into action. He's great.”

“Chris is a great CTO and is very passionate about the work he does at HARE Digital. He is cool, approachable and offers very good advice for business and app development.”

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