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31% of enterprise-level businesses surveyed have AI integration on their agenda for the next 12 months.

61% of these businesses pointed to AI and Machine Learning as the most significant Data initiative they can implement in the near future.

80% view AI as strategic opportunity.


61% of businesses who have a Digital Innovation Strategy in place said that they are currently utilising AI to identify opportunities in Big Data that they otherwise would have miss out on. Only 22% of businesses without a strategy have done the same.

AI - Built for you

At HARE.digital, we explore whether the application of AI is appropriate for your requirements and discuss how it could be implemented to revolutionise your project.

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Paradigm shifting technology within your reach

AI is allowing SME’s to get ahead of their competition through improved operational efficiency.


Machine Learning enables businesses to draw useful information from their datasets, putting previously benign data to work.

Prevent losses, predict growth and increase productivity by integrating AI into your next project.

The emergence of Artificial Intelligence has been dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution and whist the technology is still in its infancy, businesses brave enough to become early adopters are already improving their top and bottom lines. It’s these businesses that have an offensive digital strategy that are coming to dominate their respective industries.

Examples of AI that SME’s are already utilising:


The Morph Platform uses AI to automate marketing and support.


Vymo is a AI CRM platform that enables SME’s to utilise actionable data insights from customer behaviour.


AI Powered lead generation tool which enables businesses to find prospective clients.

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